Manpower Recruitment Agency In UAE

Are you exploring a reliable recruitment agency in UAE? A manpower recruitment agency is best for your hiring needs and budget. Our recruitment agency in UAE serves different job categories, we provide certain possibilities to find employees from different organizations that are suitable for specific occupations. RP Manpower is here with diverse, productive activities to assist our clients with the most efficient and liable recruitment services.

We provide the best recruitment services for the top companies in more than 15 countries around the world, including the Middle East and the Central European countries. Our vision is to provide our customers with better services and sustainable solutions by adopting complex and automated methods.

Our Services

Human Resource Services

RP Manpower is a professional platform with the reliable human resource consultants who provide the best human resource services for our valuable clients.

Our Services

Human Resource Services

RP Manpower is a professional platform with the best and most reliable human resource consultants who provide the best human resource services for our valuable clients.

Overseas Employment Services

Our consultants provide a wide range of services both in UAE and abroad and play an important role in providing a skilled workforce in UAE to overseas clients.

Manpower Recruitment Services

RP Manpower is a valuable platform and provides the ability to provide valuable manpower recruitment agency and replacement solutions worldwide.

RP Manpower is waiting for your response to assist you in finding your dream job

About RP Manpower

We promise to get the right candidates in the right places! Our industry-leading talent, outsourcing, talent solutions, and talent services enable you to deliver multiple government contracts on time to any customer. We will give you expert advice or find the one that works best for you. We have a highly professional and high-quality recruitment team of interdisciplinary consultants, experts, and coordinators with experience in diverse applications and industries to serve our clients most conveniently.

As recruiting experts, we strive to provide high-quality talent with different opportunities.

What are Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment Agencies work with companies to find the right people for their roles with applicants to discover a job they need. Some organizations do not have the time to undergo all the CVs, solve questions about the role, or pre-interview applicants so they ask a recruitment agency to help them.

Landing a dream job is a challenging task nowadays, mainly in today’s aggressive job market, but recruitment agencies allow you to seek your job. At the most effective stage, a recruitment agency is an organization that fits capable employees with employers. Recruitment agencies shape applicants to job vacancies, working with corporations without delay to help fill their roles.

We adhere to international standards, focus on the speed and efficiency of our services without sacrificing quality, and aim to be the best in the industry in recruiting and delivering our employees. As a strong organization in UAE, we have built a solid CRM with our valued users and aspirants. We are proud to supply millions of skilled and semi-skilled workers to Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and around the world.

How do Recruitment Agencies Work?

  • The company will get hold of a process description or booking from an employer or organization.
  • The consultants will then draw up a listing of the most suited candidates for the position.
  • The company then either makes a shortlist of the candidates they would like to peer for the employer.
  • The manner from finding a hiring need to engaging a candidate is controlled by the organization, contacting and briefing applicants on a function to make sure that every element is proper for each candidate and client.

The Industries We Serve:

There are many different industries where we provide our services. All of them are stated below.

We provide the most professional healthcare workers to the most trusted companies. Caregivers play a noteworthy role in upgrading access and standard health care for the population so no one compromise on work ability.

Construction workers play an important role in providing the demanding talent. Our recruitment service is one of the best and the most reputable employment agencies.

The hotel & catering is one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world. The long list of hotel & catering functions always requires qualified and experienced specialists. RP Manpower is here to fulfill the needs of hotel management.

RP Manpower is a recruitment agency and a great partner to help you explore technicians, regardless of industry or company size. Whether you are looking for an IT engineer, IT support team, or technical support professional, we can help.

RP Manpower is here providing the best workers in the Oil, Gas and Petroleum Industry with our years of excellence and experience. We hire professional workers according to your company needs.

Food Industry Hiring aims to better connect industry professionals with employers by providing comprehensive coverage and exemplary customer service.

RP Manpower is waiting for your response to assist you in finding your dream job

We provide sustainable overseas manpower recruitment

Our commitment is to deliver, support, and provide quality with experience and dedication in the management of outsourcing relevant activities. We have successfully maintained our reputation in providing labor services across the country. Our commitment is to provide human resource service to all our customers through suggestions, quality support, personalized service, and employee engagement. Our vision is to automate recruitment methods to provide our customers with timely services and sustainable solutions.

We provide the most consistent overseas placement service in UAE, strong technical support, and an excellent understanding of the market from an international perspective. Thank you for your contribution and sacrifice for the development of our country.

We have a reputation for providing our clients with the best professionals who meet the unique requirements of each position. Our proprietary is in recruitment plan, internet, network, campus promotion, recruitment committee, professional organization, advertising, recruitment services, and job fairs. Our recruitment team strives to find professionals who can successfully perform their activities throughout the world. We provide you with a global high-quality recruitment experience. As one of the leading recruitment agencies, we are now helping multinational companies to source quality labor from all over the world.


I have found RP Manpower to be a first-class recruitment agency that always tends to find very good people for its clients. They are very responsive in terms of client needs.

I am writing to express my gratitude to the RP Manpower staff who helped me successfully secure the role of Medical Consultant in an established Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

I especially appreciated thier fast response, transparent communication, and coordination in a timely and efficient manner. RP Manpower helped me to get a great salary package.


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